2 thoughts on “Shakuhachi 2 Synth Project

  1. Hello Harald .I hope all fine and well .
    I ‘m George from Greece many years DIYer deep into
    analog synth electronics self taught although enough qualified by experience.
    I “d like to know if you still own spare PCB for your pitch to voltage
    convertor {both analog and digital versions} for my experiments and also be very interested
    to mail to you {in case your time permits} for some clarifications if arise.
    I successfully have built funtamental extractors and other modules for my
    electric guitar which probably you know it”s quite hard to do well {at least }
    due to the nature of the instrument
    My link to utube can give you an idea about my many projects .
    Congratulation on your works and i”d like to see a video of your flute synth
    demo some day and thanks in advance
    all my best

    • Hello George,
      thank you for your kind words. I’ll have to look if I still have some spares. For technical questions pleas use the thread on ModWiggler. For eMail contact please use the eMail address on my website.

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